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Retirement gifts are a great way to congratulate a new retiree! Retirement is a very exciting milestone in a person's life, so it should be a lot of fun finding the perfect gift to help them celebrate.

Gifts can range from pratical, like gardening tools or fishing gear, to downright hiliarious, like a witty t-shirt or coffee mug! Or if you are looking for unique retirement gifts, then you might consider a personlized gift that can be customized with a special message.

Top Retirement Gifts

Gift Baskets

You can send the new retiree a wonderful gift basket to commemorate their new retired status! There are plenty of fun themed gift baskets that can indulge a sweet tooth or give the retiree yet another excuse to relax! There so many gift baskets for retirement that you're sure to find the perfect one.

Personalized Signature Keepsakes

Looking for a gift that the whole office can partake in? Or do you want a memorable way to involve all the guests at a big retirement party? Then consider a signature keepsake gift! These gifts can be displayed at an office farewell party or a retirement party so that all the guests can express their congrats to the new retiree in a more permanent way. Then the gift can be wrapped up and given to the new retiree at the end of the celebration, making the perfect personalized retirement gift.

Congratulations Flowers

When searching for the best retirement gifts for women, flowers always make a wonderful choice. So if you want to send a special retirement present to a new retiree across town or across the country, then consider sending a beautiful bouquet of blooming flowers or new houseplant. They will certainly appreciate the sentiment and will enjoy the gift during their blissful days of retirement freedom.

More Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement Gifts for Women

Retirement gifts for women can be tailored to her current hobbies or a little gift to celebrate her future retirement plans, whether its traveling the world, bumming around on the beach, or creating her very own garden oasis. There are a lot of great retirement presents that she will be thrilled to receive. Browse retirement gifts for women.

Retirement Gifts for Men

Retirement gifts for men are a great way to celebrate the end of a great career and the beginning of a fabulous retirement! Surprise him with a gift that he can use well into his retirement years, whether its a new golf gadget or maybe a new set of luggage to accompany him on adventures far from home. Browse retirement gifts for men.

Funny Retirement Gifts

A retirement can be a bitter sweet occasion for some. On one hand, retirement means a brand new chapter in one's life where they are in charge! On the other hand, a retiree may feel a little sad about leaving a workplace that may have been a home away from home for them. So to brighten up this occasion for a retiree who may be feeling a little apprehensive about the transition, consider some funny gag retirement gifts to bring to the party. Laughter is sometimes the perfect cure for retirement blues. Browse retirement gag gifts.

Personalized Retirement Gifts

A personalized retirement gift is a wonderful way to make your retirement present extra special. And there are so many great retirement presents that can be personalized, such as a comfy robe for lounging around the house, a passport holder for a future globetrotter, or even a personalized golf gear for the soon-to-be full-time golfer. Browse personalized retirement gifts.

Personalized Retirement Gifts for Women

If you are looking for a memorable retirement gift idea for her, then consider personalizing a gift! A self-proclaimed bookworm might appreciate a bookmark engraved with a special message. Or a gardening guru might love a personalized gardening hat! With so many cool personalized gifts, it may be hard to choose just one! Browse personalized retirement gifts for women.

Personalized Retirement Gifts for Men

Want to find an extra special gift for him? Then consider personalizing or engraving a gift for him. You might personlize it with his name or even "New Retiree" or "Retired!" Or for a more sentimental message, you might highlight his dates of service or include a special note about his embarking on this new retirement adventure. Browse personalized retirement gifts for men.

Engraved Retirement Gifts

An engraved gift a wonderful way to honor a retiree's service to a company. Many engravable gifts can include a retirement message of appreciation and thanks. There are also many other types of engravable gifts, such as fun golf gifts or even glassware, that may be perfect if you think it would be more appropriate and useful for your favorite retiree than a traditional plaque or award. Browse engraved retirement gifts.

Retirement Gift Baskets

Retirement gift baskets can be a perfect present for a new retiree who lives far away or a special colleague that you don't see very often. If you would rather not send a traditional coffee and tea gift basket, then consider another type of themed basket, for instance, a gardening themed basket could be perfect for her or a golf themed basket can be a fun one for him! Browse retirement gift baskets.

Travel Retirement Gifts

Traveling is certainly a popular interest among new retirees, so if your newly retired guy or gal has a passport ready to be used, then consider some great traveling goodies for him or her! There are so many cool traveling gadgets that will make traveling much easier, so surprise you retiree with some awesome traveling gear. Browse travel retirement gifts.

Retirement Books

Retirement is the perfect time for one to catch up on their reading! And with retirement approaching, your soon-to-be retiree might want to consider what retirement will hold for them by reading some books on retirement. Retirement books can be funny, but can also give the retiree some creative ideas on how to make the best of their retirement years, whether they choose to travel extensively, volunteer with non-profits, or even start that business they have always been dreaming of! Browse retirement books.

Golf Retirement Gifts

Is your new retiree planning on hitting the golf course from 9-5 now that he or she is retired? If yes, then consider some golf retirement gifts to give them! Would your avid golfer love a new golf gadget, like a neat laser rangefinder or golf GPS? Or maybe some personalized markers and golf balls would make his or her day! There are so many fun golf gifts that you can consider as retirement presents. Browse golf retirement gifts.

Fishing Retirement Gifts

Fishing retirement gifts can be a real treat for a retiree whose future days will be filled with rods and reels! If you know your fisherman or fisherwoman well, then you might choose to upgrade their current fishing gear collection with newer pieces. Or you can surprise any sea loving retiree with a seafood lover's gift basket. Browse fishing retirement gifts.

Teacher Retirement Gifts

Do you have a favorite teacher, principal, or coach who is retiring soon? Then consider getting him or her a special teacher-related retirement gift as a way to congratulate them or even thank them! Being in the educational field is certainly not the easiest vocation, so consider a nice parting gift for him or her, it will definitely make them feel appreciated for their contribution. Browse teacher retirement gifts.

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